Kumar Creations Private Limited

Class of Company
Company Age
10 years 4 months
Last Filing with ROC
Mar 31, 2023
Last Updated Date
Apr 15, 2024  refresh

Loans & Charges for Kumar Creations Private Limited

Charges Assets35
Total No. of Lender(s)35
Last Charge ActivitySatisfaction
Last Charge DateJun 29, 2021
Last Charge Amount1,340.00 Lakhs
Sum Of Charges (Open)0.00
Charge IDCharge HolderCreated OnSatisfied OnAmount (Lakhs)Status
100462101HDFC BANK LIMITEDJun 29, 2021-1,340.00Closed
100458638HDFC BANK LIMITEDJun 8, 2021-20.00Closed
100438501HDFC BANK LIMITEDFeb 8, 2021-16.50Closed
100333250HDFC BANK LIMITEDJan 30, 2020-10.69Closed
100332916HDFC BANK LIMITEDJan 30, 2020-52.07Closed
100330440HDFC BANK LIMITEDJan 22, 2020-558.04Closed
100332730HDFC BANK LIMITEDJan 9, 2020-558.04Closed
100192026HDFC BANK LIMITEDApr 18, 2018-47.40Closed
100172102HDFC BANK LIMITEDMar 13, 2018-20.30Closed
100179848HDFC BANK LIMITEDFeb 21, 2018-83.16Closed
100098483STATE BANK OF INDIAMar 23, 2017-5.00Closed
100078282STATE BANK OF INDIAFeb 3, 2017-5.45Closed
100333501HDFC BANK LIMITEDJan 30, 2020Jun 8, 202052.07Closed
100718874ICICI BANK LIMITEDMar 28, 2023-15.84Closed
100718649ICICI BANK LIMITEDFeb 10, 2023-9.00Closed
100707270ICICI BANK LIMITEDJan 31, 2023-40.70Closed
100707300ICICI BANK LIMITEDJan 31, 2023-90.07Closed
100707225ICICI BANK LIMITEDJan 31, 2023-13.99Closed
100707290ICICI BANK LIMITEDJan 31, 2023-38.20Closed
100707245ICICI BANK LIMITEDJan 31, 2023-43.20Closed
100707758ICICI BANK LIMITEDJan 31, 2023-87.26Closed
100707757ICICI BANK LIMITEDJan 31, 2023-43.20Closed
100730303HDFC BANK LIMITEDJan 31, 2023-10.15Closed
100721583HDFC BANK LIMITEDDec 30, 2022-112.40Closed
100696440HDFC BANK LIMITEDDec 27, 2022-10.14Closed
100670988HDFC BANK LIMITEDOct 21, 2022-120.00Closed
100608174HDFC BANK LIMITEDAug 18, 2022-12.00Closed
100656190HDFC BANK LIMITEDJul 18, 2022-29.00Closed
100579823HDFC BANK LIMITEDMar 29, 2022-20.00Closed
100568997HDFC BANK LIMITEDFeb 17, 2022-20.00Closed
100540019HDFC BANK LIMITEDJan 11, 2022-9.58Closed
100529247HDFC BANK LIMITEDDec 14, 2021-20.00Closed
100517792HDFC BANK LIMITEDOct 8, 2021-185.00Closed
100475684HDFC BANK LIMITEDAug 27, 2021-270.77Closed
100772744HDFC BANK LIMITEDMay 29, 2023-187.60Closed